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May 2018
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Looking for Military Public Scales PPT DITY Weight Certificate?

Obtaining the correct type of weight certificate as well as finding a public scales station in San Diego or Oceanside requires a little knowledge. Many public scales do no service small vehicles only 18 wheelers due to the nature of their business. Many cases on might find a public scale that specializes in Military Weight Certs and Dept of Motor Vehicles certificate fulfillment.

If you are looking for a Military DITY PPT public scales or a weight station that sells weight slips for the Dept of Motor Vehicles registration purposes, Try searching on for keywords as:  “San Diego Weight Certificate” or ” San Diego Public Scales”

San Diego Public Scales Weigh Station

San Diego weigh station for DMV and Military DITY programs. Find a truck scales station in Southern California. Certified Scales are used for commerical vehicles opperated by weighmasters. Find a location here

San Diego Weigh Station Locations

The DMV required that I obtain a weight certificate from an approved certified public scale weighmaster station. Basically California charges you a tax on the amount of weight you put on CA roads when registering your commercial out of state truck with the DMV in San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles. This is sometimes a difficult task since many approved weight stations have closed down in the San Diego area due to the economy and nearly all the junk yards and recycling centers eight don’t offer this service or sell you an invalid weight ticket, regardless of what they tell you, the DMV simply does not accept them. Most of the time it’s due to the fact they are not an approved weigh master or the certificate if filled out incorrectly and does not indicate the tare or gross weight specifications. After doing some extensive research, we located one weigthmaster branch which is still in business and works directly with the DMV and Military DITY Personally Procured Transportation Scales PPT moves programs, only problem is that they are located in Los Angeles, CA near the LAX airport. Good news is their Saturday hours are rather flexible. We visited this station on a Saturday morning, the wait time was minimal. Here’s their information for your personal use, hope this blog is helpful to you.

Certified Scales
5244 W. Jefferson
Los Angeles CA, 90016
(310) 432-3980 / (310) 862-8923
Mon. through Sat 9am-4pm No Appointment Needed 

Google Maps Link –

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4 reviews on San Diego Weigh Station Locations

  • usefull posting, thanks ! Richard1401

    We found this station in order to get our truck weighed. The DMV had required us to get a Weight Certificate from a Certified Public Weigh Scale before we could register our Truck. I found this station by searching on the internet. If you find yourself in the same situation and need a Certified Weigh master for a weight Certificate, Try this Terminal or any other local DMV scale in the area‎

  • Good place Dan Pelletier

    This public scale place was pretty quick. I’d say more than others in LA for sure. And they did a good job, too.

  • Fast service Nick Hollander

    A friend of mine uses this station and said they were pretty quick, so I gave them a try. I was in & out pretty fast, I’d definitely go back again.

  • Found a Military Public Scales in Los Angeles Marineone

    I live near Oceanside, I found a public scales that offers DITY Certs in Los Angeles in the 90016 area code. Quick service, glad I got it done.


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Los Angeles Public Scale